January 16th, 2010
by admin
Paisaje anatómico

Paisaje anatómico

Every little detail of the world surrounding me is an explosion of energy I need to record through my eyes, thanks to the black box I carry with me all the time, I convert all those moments in past, en un recuerdo… Todo se transforma. Everything seems to be surrealistic sometimes, like a dream.

The human body is the most beautiful sculptures on this physical earth, it is a world itself that I like to discover and travel all around, taking all those magic details many times we don’t see. The human body landscape.

Also the nature landscapes, all the objects the humans have produce… our quotidian life, everything is a wonder, everything full of details, and being able to reproduce them in a picture, is magic.

All the rituals in life, from brushing your teeth to cook a plate of soup, smoke a cigarette or go to bed, or just to look at a landscape, a nature landscape, a sunset, or watching the snow coming down, or just the magnificence of a wave braking up.

The whisper of the wind, the sound of the ice in a drink, everything is poetry we can get trough our eyes…

Here I present the world from my eyes.

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